Cosco Shp – [ Turning The Corner? Our Trade Plan]

30th July, 2018, 8:23 PM

Cosco Shp – [ Turning The Corner? Our Trade Plan]Cosco Shp 30th July 2018

Chart source : Poemsview 30th July 2018

Cosco Shp had a nice rebound last week. It has been consolidating for the past week and we’re keeping a close eye on it now.

An increased in volume can be seen today.

We’re watching for a break above that downtrend line we drew which coincides with the 0.41 horizontal resistance too.  We would also want volume to come in during the break to help sustain the breakout.

It is currently above the 50ma which is the near term support. Cosco Shp estimated result release could be this or next week as they released their results on 4th Aug back in 2017. So do take note

Watching it like hawk.