CityDev – [Caught The Breakout? ]

11th March, 2018, 11:34 PM

CityDev – [Caught The Breakout? ] CityDev 11th March 2018

Chart Source : Pomesview 11th March

Citydev a blue chip property stock which we mentioned just on Tuesday night started to move and finally cleared the 50ma on Thursday and never looking back.

Citydev managed to hit  two of our targets of $13.14 and $13.25 and coming close to our third at $13.45. A good trade to end the week. =)

If Citydev manages to close above $13.45 we might see it move up to $13.59.

A very nice trade set up for Citydev if you ask us and of course our exclusive clients were informed of the precise entry at $12.89.

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CityDev – [Uptrend Developing? ]

6th March, 2018, 8:51 PM

CityDev – [Uptrend Developing? ]CityDev 6th March 2018

Chart Source: PoemsView 6th march 2018

Citydev had some nice increase in volume today. It is currently being resisted  by the 50ma and our downtrend line too.

It has also hit the uptrend support line and was supported by it. We’re keeping a close look out to see if it can break above those resistances. A break above and staying above might indicate more upside to come in the coming days.

Citydev is a blue chip and an index component stock. It might be rather expensive for some as 1000 shares would cost an upwards of $12k.

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