Spackman- On Halt now , What could be next?

28th February, 2017, 11:14 PM

Spackman- On Halt now , What could be next?

Spackman 28 Feb 2017

Spackman , since our blog post last week ,bounced off the critical support level $0.180 and hit our first upside resistance of $0.189. Since then, it has been pulling back and broke below its uptrend and downtrend line support areas and touched its first downside support of $0.176,  before being halted for trading today at a lower price of $0.174 .

So what could happen to Spackman after the halt ? If there is good news announced and caused it bounce up , it may rally back to the uptrend previous support now turn resistance area of around $0.187 , follow by the horizontal resistance of $0.189 and $0.194 .

However,  if the announcement cause it to continue its drop after the halt, it may slide down to its next downside support of $0.169 follow by  $0.162 .

Let’s observe and see which of the scenarios will pan out after the halt .





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