Noble Group – Reached our target and beyond, anymore?

12th February, 2017, 10:32 PM

Noble Group – Reached our target and beyond, anymore? noble

Just under a week and noble group has hit our target of 0.186 from 0.175. A very decent since we mentioned it last week.  It  even moved up to a high of 0.193. We hope by sharing our thoughts and analysis on our trading blog everyone can learn something from it.

So where to now? We might see nobel group trying to reach the previous swing high of 0.205 as market seems to be in a frenzy. There was also a bigger volume that came in on friday so hopefully that helps to push it up. Don’t forget to shift your trailing stop up now.

We’re looking for noble group to stay above the horizontal resistance of 0.191 and with that 0.205 might be in sight in the coming weeks. We also would like to continue to remind our readers to remain cautious and remember your trade plan and stop loss and not go crazy with all the market frenzy. Trading plan and discipline still applies. =)

Have a blessed week ahead.





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