January Went Very Well Until This Happened!

1st February, 2021, 7:18 AM

January Went Very Well Until This Happened!

We hoped the month of January went well for everyone as market saw a nice up movement from the start of Jan.

Jan started off well as market was hopefully that vaccines are starting to roll over in the world and hopefully we’ll be one step closer in defeating this virus. Market was also looking forward to a change in President as Joe Biden took office in hopes that he’ll be not so crazy as Trump and having a more moderate approach towards China. All these  led to a good three weeks for Jan then this happened. This translated into a nice rally for the global markets with stocks like IFAST even making a new high.

But as they say all good things have to come to an end. We saw market showing signs of weakness from the third week of January and alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS to be cautions moving forward. Check it out over HERE! As market started to pullback we also had to cut loss. Nothing to hide here and we don’t want to paint a picture perfect scenario where its all win and no loss! IMPOSSIBLE!

No shame as we alert our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS regarding the stop loss so that they are aware of the stock’s movement. It is always crucial to have a trade plan, knowing the entry price, your stop loss and target price so you won’t be taken a back if things go south. You’re mentally prepared which would translate to a better and more positive results.

Want be have such a reliable remisier? Want such updates sent to your handphone straight so that you can trade with ease and peace?

Then be our EXCLUSIVE CLIENT and find out how you can be included in our whatsapp broadcast list.

See you onboard soon!




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