3rd March, 2016, 3:02 PM
Yuuzoo Mar 2016
Yuuzoo Mar 2016

It should be a friday morning by the time you all read this and this stock yuuzoo caught our attention. We drew a downtrend line and see that its at quite a major resistance for now. Failure to cross it might see it hover and come down to 0.18 before staging another attempt to break the downtrend line. The closing candle today looks ugly as it open, moved higher and came back down to near to its opening price after reaching near its resistance. this to us is not a good sign.

If we were to short it we would place a stop loss at the downtrend line which is about 0.20. Risk reward looks ok for us.

The weekend is just a day away. Hope you guys had a great week and remember every lesson learnt is not wasted and has a value in it. =)




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