25th August, 2016, 2:17 PM
Cnmc Goldmine 24 Aug 2016
Cnmc Goldmine 24 Aug 2016

CNMC Goldmine has hit the horizontal  resistance at $0.61 yesterday and today again which was also the previous high made on 7 july , with the recent gold price retracing from its recent rally , Cnmc Goldmine may also be resting a bit having test the $0.61 resistance level again .

In fact a message was sent to our clients on 3rd August to watch it for further upside at $0.53 and it hit our targeted upside of $0.595-$0.61 yesterday and today. Pretty decent in our humble opinion.

Cnmc Image.jpg

Currently We think Cnmc Goldmine may pullback to its previous support levels of $0.525 -$0.55, since gold has been pulling back .

However if it can break  above the $0.61 resistance, this may bring the stock to its all time high of $0.665 back in 2011 .



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