Sinostar Pec – [ Technical Outlook]

9th June, 2021, 10:28 AM

Sinostar Pec – [ Technical Outlook]Sinostar pec 9th june 2021

Chart Source: Poemsview 9th June 2021

Using technical analysis, Sinostar pec has broken out of its downtrend line. Volume is already more than the last few days which is a positive sign. If Sinostar pec manages to stay above this downtrend line, we might see it move higher in the next few trading session. The upside resistance would be around $0.415-0.42 first. Support at $0.33

If at the end of the day, Sinostar pec closes with a red bar and accompanied with higher volume then it might not look good. It might mean traders might be selling into the strength.  Keeping a close watch on this counter.

What are your thoughts?