Paypal ( PYPL ) – [ Our Trade Plan ]

11th January, 2021, 7:36 PM

Paypal ( PYPL ) – [ Our Trade Plan ]Paypal 11th Jan2021

Chart source: poems2.0 11th Jan 2021

Paypal (PYPL) is the largest digital platform that provides money transfer services. PayPal boasts a consistent track record of earnings and sales growth, stretching back to at least 2010. PayPal has also gone into the cryptocurrency space battling it out with Square (Sq). The two payment companies are marketing apps that let shoppers get discounts, make installments and buy cryptocurrencies. These companies allow investors into a little space of the cryptocurrency.

Lets take a look at the chart and use some trendlines to help us. If PayPal manages to break above that horizontal resistance of around $244.30 and staying above that with volume we might see it move higher in the coming days. If it can’t then a then it looks a like little double top and a healthy retracement would be good too. The first support would be that uptrend support of around $234 then around $225. Buying at support would be more ideal but lets keep a close watch on it.




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