GKE Corp – Ran Up As Blogged Yesterday

6th April, 2017, 10:41 PM

GKE Corp – Ran Up As Blogged Yesterdaygke

GKE Corp ran up today after we mentioned it last night. Using simple technical analysis and a trendline  which we drew for all to see last night yield quite a positive result. It does take some time to learn to draw those trendline but we’re happy to teach..Volume came in around afternoon and it broke past the horizontal resistance of 0.185.

GKE Corp was up close to 5% intra day but we always like to go slow and steady. We’re still hopefully for our 0.194 target but will access the situation accordingly.  GKE Corp was the few stock that closed up despite the weak market sentiment.

Remember your trailing stop loss and have a great weekend .



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