Yoma Strategic- Broke Out and Up 8% Today

7th March, 2017, 11:33 PM

Yoma Strategic- Broke Out and Up 8% Todayyoma

Yoma Strategic had a powerful run today just as we posted last night. It was up 8% and retraced a little towards the end of day. We hope that our readers managed to benefit from this sharing and took home something.

Only selected mid cap stocks are in play and of course micro pennies. Good old values of slow and steady still hold true for us. =)

Many are asking what now and how now? We have drawn more lines for you all. It is currently testing 0.67 horizontal resistance and if that clears it could cover the gap and possibly reach 0.695.

Yoma Strategic had a long consolidation so we’re hoping for it to move more in the coming days . Our ultimate target would be the uptrend line and the horizontal resistance line of 0.745. Don’t forget to shift your stop loss up to protect your profits.





Yoma Strategic – Breaking Out of Range?

6th March, 2017, 10:35 PM

Yoma Strategic – Breaking Out of Range?yoma

Yoma Strategic a mid cap stock recently reported its results on 10th Feb which saw it moved down after their announcement. An interesting thing is that Yoma Strategic is still within its support range of 0.575.

From the chart  we can see that it’s been hovering from 0.575-0.615 range for the last 7 months or so. Today it had some movement up to 0.615 with an increased in volume. Yoma Strategic is currently in our watch list and if this counter manages to break out a this range convincingly we could see it march towards 0.64 then 0.67.

Our entry would be around 0.62-0.625 depending on how you see the breakout and it shouldn’t close below 0.615 for it to be a valid breakout.  Our stop loss would be 0.57.

For this counter we would use Poems CFD to enter as we might want to swing this position.