Alliance Mineral – All Charged Up

23rd March, 2017, 11:50 PM

Alliance Mineral – All Charged Up alliance

Alliance Mineral , a stock that we have been bullish on and previously mentioned in our post on 1st March when it was at 0.21 cents. In fact back in early Jan when we first covered it it was only 0.096.  Hope our readers have benefit from this sharing our idea greatly.

Today Alliance Mineral moved up to a high of 0.31 cents but closed at 0.28 and we could call this a shooting star. The volume is one of the biggest from the past few weeks but price did not move up accordingly. A pull back might happen which in our view is a good thing which also means we could enter at a lower price in future. We have drawn our support lines and will wait till and see how it goes.

Alliance Mineral is of the hottest topic in the market now so do be a little careful as those who entered earlier might be wanting to take profit. Plan your trade carefully. We’ll update once again when we feel it’s a better time to enter.





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