SGX Trading Festival 2023

28th March, 2023, 2:25 PM

SGX Trading Festival 2023

Humbled and grateful to be given the chance to be speaking at the recent SGX Trading Festival 2023! It was truly an honor to be included in such a wonderful event and sharing the stage with top names in the industry.

We enjoyed the event, from engaging conversations to of course the delicious food and drinks. The atmosphere was warm and energetic and audience were engaging! So good to be able to do a physical seminar once again. Many questions but unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t answer them all.

The SGX Trading Festival is still on-going and you can head over HERE to find out more! Don’t miss the chance to listen to the experts on their view on the markets too.

And if you missed our talk on ‘Don’t Fight The Fed?’ We’ll be having a webinar having very soon which I will go through some key points and share some key market updates.

Look out for it



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