PropNex -[ Selling Pressure Coming In? Here’s What We Did ]

20th August, 2021, 5:08 PM

PropNex -[ Selling Pressure Coming In? Here’s What We Did ]

Chart Source :AdvisorXs 20th Aug 2021

We had a good run with PropNex over the last few months but as the property market continues to heat, the stock price didn’t show that much excitement. It couldn’t break above the moving averages and closed with a red bar with volume. And after analyzing the chart and seeing the price movement we decided that a small cut for PropNex might be the wise thing to do. With that we decided to alert our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS to inform that about the market conditions and a move to cut if possible.

It was a re-entry for PropNex but when things don’t seem to go your way we have to cut. Part of trading is the ability to cut when one is wrong and not be emotional about it. It gapped down today due to an xd of $0.055 and continued to head down south and we’re glad we sent that message to warn our clients. The immediate support is at $1.80

If you want an extra pair of eyes to help keep a look out for potential pitfalls and not shy away from wrong, do drop us a message.




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