OCBC – [Soaring Through Our Targets, Eyeing Next Target]

24th February, 2018, 8:29 PM

OCBC – [Soaring Through Our Targets, Eyeing Next Target] OCBC 24th Feb 218

Chart Source : Poemsview 24th Feb 2018

OCBC soared through our resistance of $13.29 coming close to 10% upside since we first spotted it about 1 week  ago. As usual, our exclusive clients were informed of this trade analysis before the rebound came.

OCBC opened right at resistance and smashed through closing well above it at $13.37. The volume that followed wasn’t as much as we would like it to so setting a protective stop around $13.20 might be good and especially it has risen quite a fair bit in a week.

Next possible target we might see could be $13.54 area

Banks are having a good run with most breaking through their previous high. UOB hasn’t broken its previous high. Will it do so??

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