AEM – Here’s What Happen Yesterday Before The Massive Run Up Today!

21st July, 2020, 7:00 PM

AEM – Here’s What Happen Yesterday Before The Massive Run Up Today!AEM 21st July 2020

Chart Source : Poemsview 21st July 2020

AEM took traders by surprise with an almost 20% increase today. It closed at $3.77 eventually 4 cents off the day high. An excellent upside if you ask us.

Of course let’s not talk about the upside but it’s important to know what might have led to this breakout.

Just yesterday when AEM was trading above its uptrend line, it caught our attention as we saw some strength in that. It also managed to move above the 10ema. From a technical perspective, these are signals which one must take note of. In addition, AEM is one of the stronger electronic stock in our singapore market.

As such, we alerted our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS on this trade when AEM was at $3.15 so that they can plan, prepare and proceed. AEM closed well yesterday and there was an increase in volume too which might support a further upside. True enough we were glad our observation paid off. AEM moved  up to the $3.40 resistance and broke past it with conviction and never looked back after that. It went to a day high of $3.81 an increase of 20% since our entry.

Many are asking what might be the next target. We are looking at around $3.95 as the next potential upside if $3.80 manages to hold up. Let’s watch!

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