Wilmar – [ Steadily Moved Up Since Posting, Next Target? ]

28th April, 2018, 11:03 PM

Wilmar – [ Steadily Moved Up Since Posting, Next Target? ]Wilmar 28th April 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 28th April 2018

Wilmar a blue chip and STI component counter that we mentioned just A DAY AGO saw it moved up steadily from $3.19.

A slow and steady moved saw Wilmar hit our $3.24 target and steadily moved up to $3.28 on Friday.

We’re just one cent away from our next target now. $3.26 seems to have some mirror resistance and a break above that might see $3.29 then $3.33. We’ll be using the uptrend line as a guide for now.

Despite the recent volatile market, wilmar continues to remain relatively stable and not a huge volatile movement.

We have seen counters like venture having a wide intraday swing and if you are like us preferring to have a more stable and structured trade plan rather than a wide, wild and unpredictable swing then we might be on the same page.

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