UMS – [ All Time High! How Much Higher? ]

2nd August, 2021, 9:27 PM

UMS – [ All Time High! How Much Higher? ]

Chart source: AdvisorXs 2nd Aug 2021

UMS continued its uptrend today and made an all time high before closing at its previous high of $1.65. The volume today wasn’t was much as we would have expected it to be, a healthier scenario would be for volume to more than friday’s. But we can’t get everything right? At least it has hit our first target of $1.65.  🤑🤑 As $1.65 is our resistance, UMS has just nice closed at that price but we might still see more upside in the coming days and might march up to $1.70. After that $1.75 area might be on the cards.

UMS has been good to us for this year ever since our first spot back in march when UMS was just trading at $1.11. If you were an investor and held your trade through then big congrats to you!

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