Straits Times Index – [ Where Is The Support At? What’s The Game Plan Now? ]

22nd May, 2020, 3:55 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Where Is The Support At? What’s The Game Plan Now? ]Straits Times Index - 22nd may 2020

Chart Source : poemsview 22nd May 2020

Its close to 4pm now and the Straits Times Index is down over 50 points due to China tightening its grip on HK.

Hong Kong index is down over 1000 points or 5%, something which we haven’t seen in awhile. Due to the regional unrest, our Straits Times Index or STI also is affected . We’re down about 2% at the time of writing.

So what’s our game plan? If you noticed we’ve been rather bearish on the markets and continue to remain so until we see more convincing signs of rebound. With every rebound in the STI it seems to be making a Lower High despite US side having massive gains. This to us shows some weakness. STI is currently on its horizontal support of around 2500.

What could happen from here? Some possible scenarios:

  1. STI could have a rebound to cover the gap and test the downtrend again. Failure to break that might see more downside. If STI manages to break that downtrend line then our stand might change.
  2. STI could break the horizontal support level and might take us to around 2387 levels.
  3. STI could possibly hover around here and form a sideways consolidation before another move comes.

So stay alert! We’re eyeing more downside as you can see STI is below the moving averages but are flexible to react as market remains volatile and remembering the saying, Don’t Fight The Feds!

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Straits Times Index – [ Has It Peaked? More Room For Upside?? ]

19th April, 2020, 9:36 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Has It Peaked? More Room For Upside?? ]Straits Times Index 19th April 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 19th April 2020

Straits  Times Index or STI had a very good  rebound which caught many off guard. The rebound was about 20% from the low which was slightly stronger than expected. The question is can STI move up more? Is there still room to go for STI?

Before we dive  further, we’ll bring in the chart of S&P as markets still takes some reference from big brother USA.

Using the weekly chart for S&P, we feel that there might be just be more room for an upside probably to the 50ema which is around 2960 level for S&P, if it does reach around there , we have to be very very careful already. That would mean that S&P would have rebound 35% off the low which is considered a lot. But that said, we are in extraordinary times and such a bounce is also an extraordinary bounce.

So if S&P still has some upside, we might see STI slowly trying to aim for its 50ema too which is around 2720 and also the fibo 50% retracement level.  If STI can rally to around that area, we’ll be looking for SHORT opportunities. The risk reward for longs now is not very favourable (in our view) so we’ll probably be patiently looking for short opportunities instead.

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STI Updates – [ Support & Resistance Levels]

14th March, 2020, 10:28 PM

STI Updates – [ Support & Resistance Levels]Straits Times Index - 14th March 2020

Chart Source: poemsview 14th March 2020

What a week right? A rough week would probably be an understatement! Oil crashed, Dow crashed, Yield crash, limit down, limit up and there is still no sign of Covid-19 letting up.

But hold steady and lets have faith that we’ll get through this together. By now, we’re sure Covid-19 is no stranger to the world. Its been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reason and markets are plunging due to fear of how this virus will impact the economy. We’ll still continue to look at our charts to find some clues on when the selling might subside or when a technical rebound might come.

For our STI, we have drawn some support and resistance levels and will be using it as a guide to try to navigate through this crazy times. The first support we see is at around 2510 level, the low of 2016. It had some rebound from there on friday and a good rebound might see STI to close to 2700. We’ll take things step by step for now and after 2700 then 2750 area. The support for us is at 2510 then 2415.  No one can tell when the market will bottom or where the top is therefore its important to have the right mentality when investing or trading.

Don’t fish for the bottom but plan your investment in batches.

Take care when trading and its always good to have an extra pair of eyes to look out for especially during this period.

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Straits Times Index – [ Following Up After First Target Met]

22nd October, 2019, 5:28 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Following Up After First Target Met] Straits Times Index 22nd Oct 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 22nd Oct 2019

Straits Times Index saw a break away from its consolidation zone over the last week hitting our first resistance target of 3154 which we drew back on 13 Oct.

From our explanation in our previous post,  the Straits Times Index broke above our downtrend line we drew, it also broke above its 20ema which are positive signs for us.

Some possible scenarios for now, STI might cover the gap it created this morning and might continue its march up. It could also test today’s high again and a success break might see it move to 3188 area.

A break below the 20ema might cancel our upside view.

We hope our readers managed to learn and capitalize on our explanation on our trading blog!

Lets Watch it!




Straits Times Index – [ Upside Coming? Levels We’re Looking At]

13th October, 2019, 9:45 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Upside Coming? Levels We’re Looking At]Straits Times Index 13th Oct 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 13th oct 2019

Straits Times Index have been resisted by the downtrend line which we drew recently. Some key points we are looking at.

  1. STI breaking above the downtrend line
  2. STI breaking above the 20ema
  3. Good trade talks results which might help fuel the break up

With those points we’re hoping for a positive run up to the next resistance to the 50ema. The ride might not be a smooth one up as who knows what Donald Trump might tweet next.

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Straits Times Index – [ 4 Down Days Wiping Out Almost 2 Months Of Gains, What Can A Trader Do?]

5th August, 2019, 9:35 PM

Straits Times Index – [ 4 Down Days Wiping Out Almost 2 Months Of Gains, What Can A Trader Do?]Straits Times Index 5th Aug 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 5th Aug 2019

Straits Times Index took a huge plunge of about 5% since it started to fall on Wednesday. In 4 days of fall it nearly took out 2 months of gain in the STI. When panic spreads, it goes beyond any rationale. If a trader only knows how to go long in the market then he or she would be in big trouble.

That is why we’ll be conducting a workshop on 20th Aug (Tuesday) to coach and guide why using CFDs is vital in staying afloat in today’s market.

Knowing only how to Long and not SHORT would put a trader in a severe disadvantage as he or she can only trade in one direction. Hence it is of utmost importance to equip oneself with the knowledge and tool for shorting to hedge and manage market volatility .

Not only does Poems CFDs allow you to long or short the market it also allows you to trade our Straits Times Index. In fact, Poems CFD is the only CFD provider in singapore to provide the STI. So if you’re unsure of which stock to trade, there is always the Straits Times Index to trade.

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Straits Times Index – [ Rebound Rebound Rebound! Updates Updates!]

1st July, 2019, 9:09 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Rebound Rebound Rebound! Updates Updates!]

Chart Source: Poemsview 1st July 2019

Straits Times index or STI along with regional markets saw a nice upside after the G20 meeting. A positive outcome where US and China are ‘back on track‘ with no further trade tariffs in the near term as leaders will resume trade talks.

As for our STI, ever since we alerted our readers of the potential rebound on 5th June, STI has made a V shape recovery which is rather impressive in our humble opinion. STI is up close to 7% which in less than on month which is very good according to us. Many blue chips counter like Wilmar, Capitaland, UOL, our three local banks have seen a nice rebound.

If we take  a look at the chart now we can see that STI is nearing its resistance but if the bullish sentiments continues we might see it breakout of that and retest the previous high of 3400 area. We’re using the 5ema for now as a guide for the support as that has been supporting the index for the last few weeks.

Lets keep watch. Fed meeting is at the end of the month, could the market run ahead of it with a possibility of a rate cut?

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Straits Times Index – [ Rebound As Per Blog, Our Next Move? ]

11th June, 2019, 9:38 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Rebound As Per Blog, Our Next Move? ] Straits Times Index 11th June 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 11th June 2019

Straits Times Index saw a nice rebound over the week up over 80 points since we mentioned last Wednesday .

It has hit our first rebound target of the 200sma as mentioned in our previous post

What’s our next resistance? We’re putting it at the 200ema which is around 3227. Hitting there might see some resistance and abit of consolidation might take place. A good pullback might present an opportunity to scale into the market.

Most blue chips counters like Capitaland, UOL, CityDev have seen a nice run up on expectation of rate cuts which could benefit property stocks as their cost of borrowing goes down. Bank stocks hasn’t ran as much but nonetheless shown some good rebound.

Oil stocks has also staged some rebound and hoping for some nice upswing.

We’ll be conducting a workshop very soon on the lessons learnt from this trade war and how to use one simple indicator to help improve your analysis.

Keep a lookout for it.




Straits Times Index – [ Our Take On It And Our Game Plan]

5th June, 2019, 9:23 PM

Straits Times Index – [ Our Take On It And Our Game Plan]

Straits Times Index 5th June 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 5th June 2019

Straits  Times Index had a terrible May and fulfilled the saying of Sell and Go Away in May. Our index has fallen 8.5% since the start of May but things might start looking up.

We have drawn two charts with the first stretching out from 10 years and drawing a long term uptrend line. So far that point hasn’t been tested which is around 3080 area.

Something to take note is that the bounce from 2016 and the bounce off that long term uptrend line in 2018 seems shorter now. Every bounce is shorter which to us is not a good sign. What might happen is that is uptrend line might be tested and a rebound might happen but we’ll be watching to see the strength of the rebound.

On a shorter time frame, the immediate support is around 3100 which is the short term uptrend line which we have drawn. We would like it to test that area and then rebound which would then complete this downward cycle and allow for a nicer rebound. With Dow having such a strong finish on tuesday night good chance we might see our Straits Times Index doing some catch up.

A good bounce to the 200ma might be the next resistance before we plan our next move. Should more good news follow like trade wars being resolved or more talks that could provide some underlying strength to the market. Or the recent rate cut which the fed seems to be signalling to the market. Most stocks have seen a brutal sell down and might be ready for a rebound.

So do be prepared as we markets remain volatile. So Sit Tight and tread carefully.

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Straits Times Index- [ Hit Our Final Resistance, What We’re Looking At Now]

3rd December, 2018, 8:24 AM

Straits Times Index- [ Hit Our Final Resistance, What We’re Looking At Now]Straits Times Index 3rd Dec 2018

Chart Source : Poemsview 3rd Dec 2018

Straits Times Index has hit our downtrend line which we projected for this round of rebound back in November. It has been lowered as the duration of rebound was longer than expected hence the target has been shifted down to 3130.

What are we looking for next? With discussion from the G20 summit about Trump holding off on raising China tariffs to 25% for 90 days, this might propel our Straits Times Index to break that downtrend line resistance.

One good point is that STI is currently holding above the 50ema. We might see an upside target of 3163 then 3189 if the that downtrend line is broken.

Let’s hope for positive and constructive discussion for the G20.

What’s your trade plan like?

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