St Engineering – [ First Target Met In 2 Days, Top Gainer Today, More Updates!]

9th October, 2019, 8:10 PM

St Engineering – [ First Target Met In 2 Days, Top Gainer Today, More Updates!]
St Engineering 9th Oct 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 9th Oct 2019

St Engineering part of the STI component was one of the rare few stocks that bucked the downtrend! It reached a day high of $4 before closing at $3.97. St Engineering saw a rise of over 2% since our blog post just Monday evening (2 days ago) and was top gainer for the day. In our previous post we explained some of the reasons why we were looking at it and we’re glad it went the way we wanted it to.

For now St engineering has met our first target of $3.99 a nice 2% upside in 2 days. Our next target if St engineering can stay above $3.99 might be $4.05 as it attacks the downtrend line again. Would it be able to break it? Stay TUNE!




St Engineering – [ Worth Taking A Look? Here’s Why]

7th October, 2019, 5:38 PM

St Engineering – [ Worth Taking A Look? Here’s Why]St engineering 7th Oct 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 7th Oct 2019

St Engineering might be a worth a second look as it had a flush recently. Is St engineering about to fall more or is there hope? Here are some reasons that we feel that a rebound might be coming.

  1. Volume today is more than previous day
  2. It managed to close above the 200ema
  3. It managed to close above 20ema which it failed to do so the previous time
  4. It also broke out of its short term downtrend line.

As such St engineering is in our watchlist for a rebound. Lets watch for a good entry!

Some of our past records of St engineering can be seen here! 




ST Engineering – [ Results Are Out, What’s Next? ]

15th May, 2019, 8:48 PM

ST Engineering – [ Results Are Out, What’s Next? ]ST Engineering 15th May 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 15th May 2019

ST Engineering had a good run up despite the negative sentiment for the last few weeks. It managed to power through and hitting a 5 year high of $4.05. It reported a good set of results this morning but instead of moving up ST Engineering started to come down. Any reasons why?

Maybe we might shed some light into this, just sharing our views only.

  1. ST Engineering could have ran ahead of its results, with a good set of results being factored into the movement up already.
  2. Perhaps market was expecting an even better set of results
  3. Market might have lured unsuspecting buyers in while they took the chance to sell on the results.
  4. ST Engineering had a good run so some pull back is also good.

With that some pullback would be healthy as this might present an opportunity for an entry.

First support might be at $3.90 breaking this might see more downside to $3.80 . Let’s watch.

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St Engineering – [ Up Over 4% In A Day, Closed At Day High, Our Next Target? ]

1st November, 2018, 7:44 AM

St Engineering – [ Up Over 4% In A Day, Closed At Day

High, Our Next Target? ]St Engineering 1st Oct 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview: 1st Nov 2018

St Engineering had a powerful rebound yesterday and was the second top gainer within the STI component. We’re glad that our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were informed of this trade analysis and managed to capture a 2.5% upside swing. An entry at $3.46 saw ST Engineering moving up to $3.55 through the day which came on the back of some good news too.

A nice overall bounce for the general market which lifted the STI up 52 points which we were anticipating from our previous post.

While everyone was in panic mode it was probably a good time to do some bargain hunting as most stocks were heavily. But this might not be the time to be heavily invested rather for us we prefer to be trading a little more. Making use of the rebound to do some scalping.

St Engineering was one such stock as we got our shopping list ready.

Its currently resisted at $3.55 and if it manages to stay above that  then we might see $3.60 as our next target.

What’s on our shopping list? Have you gotten ready your shopping list?

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ST Engineering – [ Closed At Day High ]

1st April, 2018, 9:49 PM

ST Engineering – [ Closed At Day High ] 

St engineering 1st april 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview :1st April 2018

St Engineering closed at the day high on friday and also above its 200ma.

Volume for St Engineering also came in and it was the highest in the last two weeks.

St Engineer is also part of the 30 STI Component Stocks.

We like that the volume is bigger than the last few days which might mean that the upswing could continue. Our next possible upside target might be $3.62 first then $3.66.

As always, our exclusive clients were informed of this trade analysis earlier on at $3.56.

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St Engineering – [ Engineering An Upside? ]

24th January, 2018, 7:23 PM

St Engineering – [ Engineering An Upside? ]

Chart Source : Poemsview 24th Jan 18

St Engineering a STI component stock, has seen some healthy volume coming in during the week .It broke out of our horizontal resistance of 3.37 and continued its march up towards our targets.

It has also broken above our 3.45 horizontal resistance and staying above that might see next few possible targets of 3.50 then 3.55.

The 20 has cut above the 50ma which is a good sign to us but of course protective stops are always in place.

St Engineering has just bagged some contracts recently and more can be read HERE.

Another interesting fact, do take a look at the past few years. See what happens during the first quarter of the last few years. =). Lets hope history repeats itself this year.

We would use Poems CFD to swing this trade!

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Singapore Budget 2017 – What Now?

5th March, 2017, 9:33 PM

Singapore Budget 2017 was delivered by our Finance Minster Mr Heng Swee Keat  on Feb20 and we’ll just cover it briefly and what are some stocks that we are looking at. More can be read on the budget over here.

There were no major surprises for the Budget 2017 and some of the focus was on the smart Nation or digital economy, accelerating infrastructure projects and helping sectors facing cyclical headwinds.  Our markets didn’t react too much after the budget was announced so markets were not expecting too much to begin with.

With a 4.5 billion dollar programme to promote growth and competitiveness , the Committee on Future Economy (CFE) continues to emphasize the need to build skills and capabilities and to develop an innovative and connected economy. Digital Disruption continues to the buzz word and firm will have to adapt to that. St Engineering subsidiary St Eng Electronics could be a beneficiary of this as their Smart City solves city challenges and integrates systems that sustain future growth.

St Eng

Just some technical levels we’re looking at: 3.60-3.62 as the immediate support. If it breaks lower could see 3.45 levels in which we might consider entering. Currently its a little high now. Would prefer for a pull back .IF it breaks the 3.70 resistance we might see it eventually test 3.82.


Construction spending : The Singapore government will bring forward $700 million of spending  on public- sector projects in the next two fiscal years . Some firms we are looking at would be Hock Lian Seng which has jumped close to 10% since budget day. They boast over 45 years of experience in civil Engineering & Construction. They have been carrying out civil engineering works for bridges, expressways, tunnels and MRT with a few of these being awarded ‘construction excellence’


Hock lian

Hock lian seng hitting 60 cents which is the all time high. Some pullback would be good to levels  of 56 or 53 or even 50 cents and over there we might consider an entry. If it breaks 60 cents we might probably see 68 cents first. 

Another company we’re looking at would be ISO Team. Having been around for 19 years they are an established player in the building maintenance and estate upgrading industry in Singapore. They are also the exclusive applicator of paint works for both SKK and Nippon Paint in the public housing sector in Singapore. Major customers include town councils and government bodies.


Iso Team usually consolidate for awhile and breaks out then consolidate again. Would probably have to buy and hold rather then to time the break out. Around 0.375-0.395 would be a good be good entry point. If it goes lower then we’ll have to wait and see. 

The offshore and marine sector continue to remain weak and even with the foreign workers levy hike deferring for another year this will probably benefit SMEs a little more.Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Marine would be our picks for the O&M sector.

This is not all but of course as said we’ll briefly cover some points of the budget and do email us if you would like more ideas on the Singapore budget 2017.