S&P 500 – [ Don’t Fight The Fed! ]

4th June, 2020, 5:55 PM

S&P 500 – [ Don’t Fight The Fed! ]S&P 500 4th june 2020

Chart Source: Poems2.0 4th June 2020

Many are still in disbelief as S&P 500 rose over the couple of weeks. From our previous post just two weeks back, we mentioned to stay alert as it was in a consolidation and could breakout either way. S&P 500 chose the upside so as a trader, being flexible is key. It broke out and touched our target of around 3111 and a little bit more before having a small pullback.

So what now?  As the S&P500 has been supported by the 5 and 10 ema unless it closes above we’ll have to follow the trend. Around 3130 area is the resistance for now so some pullback might be expected. You can view the chart on our Poems2.0 platform for reference.

In closing, as the word out in the street goes, DON’T FIGHT THE FED! It also means don’t fight the trend, follow the trend as the trend is your friend. =)

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S&P 500 – [ Sideways Consolidation, Stay Alert! ]

19th May, 2020, 7:31 PM

S&P 500 – [ Sideways Consolidation, Stay Alert! ]S&P 500 19th May 2020

Chart Source : Poems2.0

It was a very strong finish over in the USA as stocks surge on positive news of a vaccine by moderna. 

That surge took the S&P past its 200ema on its daily chart which is a positive sign if you’re on the long side. On the daily chart we can see its on a bigger sideways consolidation from about 2760 to around 2968 levels.

If S&P 500 does break above the 2968 level we might see it move to the next possible level of  3100. Many have been skeptical of the rally so far and to be fair we have been too. S&P 500 have rebound about 30%  since the low and is just about 13% off from the high. Its quite hard to imagine that given all the bad economic data that has been coming out. With unemployment data at its all time high, people calling this worse than the great depression. But one thing that  other traders are mentioning is ‘don’t fight the feds’ . They have been quick to respond to the crisis, printing and pumping trillions into the markets.

Though we have caught some downside, we would have wished for a lot more but if market at this point in time is not going down, let’s follow the trend and see where that takes us to. It could be a false breakout at this level so stay alert! Don’t give up yet!

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S&P 500 – [What Now After Hitting Our Resistance]

4th May, 2020, 8:05 AM

S&P 500 – [What Now After Hitting Our Resistance]

S&P 500

Chart Source: Poems2.0 3rd May 2020

It was a week where the bulls were seemingly in control and a string of good news with some not so bad earnings coming out from the big tech companies. But towards the end of the week, the S&P started to have some profit taking.

From our previous blog regarding the S&P 500, it has  actually gone up to the weekly 50ema which we highlighted, the area where we will turn cautious and will be looking out for short opportunities. As the S&P 500 roared through the weekly 50ema, traders were turning bullish and started piling up their longs thinking that market will continue to trend higher. Sadly, S&P 500 made an intra day high of 2972 and started to fall back down.

We are continuing to look for short opportunities and S&P 500 might fall to about 2725 area first in the coming days – weeks and breaking that support might see more downside.

We will update more as time comes. Hope you learnt something from our post and if you’re interested in learning how to use Poems CFD to short the market, do drop us a message.

A trader who only knows how to go long and now short has lost half the battle already! So picking up a new skill during this period is critical!

We also shared a video analysis on the S&P 500 previously, so do head over to our facebook page to check it out!