Sembcorp Industries – [ Broke Above $1.46 Resistance, Is $1.55 Possible? ]

26th October, 2020, 7:12 PM

Sembcorp Industries – [ Broke Above $1.46 Resistance, Is $1.55 Possible? ]Sembcorp Industries 26th Oct 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 26th Oct 2020

Sembcorp Industries once again bucked the overall downtrend today and emerged positive closing up 2%. It’s one of the rare few stocks in the STI component that managed to remain positive and hopefully we’ll see more upside.

It took a nice break consolidating for the past few and breaking out of the $1.46 horizontal resistance despite a down day. This shows strength to us furthermore, there is an increase in volume too. From our previous post, Sembcorp Industries has hit our $1.47 target and we might see $1.52 next. $1.55 might even be possible before it starts taking a break. A sustain in volume is something we’re looking out for in order for this uptrend to continue. We’ll prefer to use poems CFD in order to ride such trades as compared to contra.

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Keppel Corp – Oil Down So Is Keppel Corp

9th March, 2017, 11:34 PM

Keppel Corp – Oil Down So Is Keppel CorpKC

Keppel Corp was a stock we blogged exactly a week back mentioning that it was high and needed a break. It hit our upper trend line and started to pull back. It was at around $7.22 when we spotted it and hit a day low of $6.77. A nice downside for a singapore blue chip. We hope our readers managed to benefit from our sharing once again.

So where to now as some of you have asked. The immediate support for Keppel Corp is around 6.76-6.78.It is also around the 20 days moving average.So it’s a double support for us.  If there is further weakness and breaking that support, we could see it hit our lower uptrend line of 6.65-6.70. Oil in the recent days have been taking a beating hence our oil related counters are not spared.

What could happen is that either Keppel Corp goes for a rebound and starts turning down and that’s where we would consider another short entry. Or if it breaks 6.76 then we might consider entry. Remember we’re using Poems CFD to hold our shorts and not naked short