Japfa – [ Running Up On Earnings Expectations? What Did The Chart Say?]

26th October, 2018, 9:53 AM

Japfa – [ Running Up On Earnings Expectations? What Did The Chart Say?]

Chart Source: Poemsview 26th Oct 2018

Japfa started moving yesterday when it broke out of the downtrend line which we drawn.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were notified of this breakout and we’re glad Japfa continued to moved up today reaching our second target of $0.69. That’s a 7% upside since our entry which is good to us  considering that it was hit in a day.

What are some things to note for Japfa?

  1. Its results! Its results might be coming out soon so that’s a factor to consider.
  2. It has ran ahead of its earnings. So if earnings disappoint Japfa might fall back.
  3. Since it has ran ahead of earnings, it’s earnings has better be up or future guidance has to be good or else the market might punish it.

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Can You Survive If A Bear Market Comes – [ Shorting Using CFD]

9th October, 2018, 7:52 PM

Can You Survive If A Bear Market Comes – [ Shorting Using CFD]

Image Source: News.com.au

Asia markets have been coming down and China market is deep in bear market as reported by CNBC.

After a rebound in Sept , STI is starting to come down. One of the best way to survive it is to be SHORTING rather than trying to bottom pick.  We’ll be conducting a workshop on CFD. How to use it for leverage, how to use it for short selling.

If you been noticing, our recent posting has been more on the short side. Trade Alerts Like Capitaland, Sembcorp Industries, Japfa, all been performing well on the downside. If you were trying to catch the falling knife, you’ll probably be hurt quite bad.

Therefore, it is important and crucial to know how to SHORT in order to survive such a market.

Gain an advantage with the ability to long or short and come learn why CFD is an important tool to utilize in today’s market.

Come 17th Oct (Wednesday) we’ll be conducting a CFD seminar to share and coach on our Poems CFD the good and common pitfalls of traders using CFD.

Some interesting topics covered would be

💰What will happen to the CFD position should you have an open long or short position that gets suspended.

💰How will different Corporate Actions affect your Long and Short Positions that you are holding.

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Japfa – [ Another One Takes A Fall, Still Falling? ]

6th September, 2018, 8:08 PM

Japfa – [ Another One Takes A Fall, Still Falling? ]Japfa 6th Sept 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 6th Sept 2018

Japfa took a fall today reaching two of our targets in the day achieving over 6% downside.

Of course, our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were informed of this yesterday when Japfa broke our uptrend line and the horizontal support. A confluence of support broken usually results in quite a nice downwards movement. True enough, we saw that happen.

60 cents might be the phycological support as its a round number support too. Some support might be found here but the downside looks strong. So breaking the 60 cents might see $0.57.

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Japfa – [ Achieved Upside Of 10% Since In Less Than Three Weeks, Our Next Target? ]

20th June, 2018, 12:24 PM

Japfa – [ Achieved Upside Of 10% Since In Less Than Three Weeks, Our Next Target? ] Japfa 20th June 2018

Chart Source : poemsview 20th June 2018

Japfa as we mentioned before on our blog post previously has reached our target of $0.625 which translates to an upside gain of 10%.

In less than three weeks we saw Japfa moving from $0.565 to a high of $0.63 today. A very nice swing long if you ask us despite such market condition.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted on this trade analysis and were kept informed of Japfa’s latest movement.

As Japfa has climbed quite a fair bit, a pause would be fair before it might move up to $0.66. The volume coming in today is healthy and more than the previous day which might suggest further upside is possible.

Lets continue watching.

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