Follow The Trend

3rd July, 2016, 2:06 PM
STI June 2016
STI June 2016

Hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for the short week ahead. We had some time to reflect over the weekend and we’ll like to share some thoughts.

Firstly, following the trend, as most would know , the trend is your friend, follow it don’t go against it. If you think like us after brexit that the market would come down but it didn’t then we might have to change our plan and follow the trend. Yup, from our blog you would sense that we were hoping for more downside. We were wrong on that and now the question is, how do we fight back. ( We fought back on singpost, jumbo and acromec) and hopefully our clients did too

Secondly, your stop loss, well, trade will go against us from time to time. When that happens, don’t hope for the best but do what is right and cut loss at your determined level, don’t keep telling yourself it will be better. Cut loss first, take a step back and then u will be calm. NEVER go into a trade without a trade plan and as the saying goes and as cliche as it may sound, IF you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Lastly, don’t even try to take revenge ,as we all know that usually leads to much disaster. In fact, continue  to plan your trade accordingly, keep calm and don’t go crazy.

We’re just sharing our humble thoughts in which we hope we will be better traders after this =)

We have attached the chart of STI , currently we can see its above the 200ma which is significant. Next resistance at 2880 and if that breaks we could eventually see 2960 in sight. Support is at 2830, then the 200ma and if that don’t hold then we might start to see it cover the gap to 2793. Lets respond to the market accordingly and we’ll update accordingly