3rd February, 2016, 3:35 PM


STI Feb 2016
STI Feb 2016


Our STI is currently being supported by the horizontal support at 2528 aea which we can see was also the low of 21st jan this year and if we scroll back the low in oct 2011. From the chart we can see its range bound for now between 2528- 2631. But , if this support of 2528 area breaks we might see more downside and if that happens are you ready for more downside? We are! and we hope that you are too! Are you ready to embrace the downside or will you be looking to catch the falling knife and get hurt during the process. Learning how to short this year might be one of the best things to learn this year =)

We are looking to short if STI breaks 2528 with a stop loss of 2530-2535 as a tight stop loss. Blessed day



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