SGX – [ When Will The Selling End? Signs To Look Out For]

14th March, 2019, 8:00 AM

SGX – [ When Will The Selling End? Signs To Look Out For]SGX 14th March 2019

Chart Source: Poemsview 14th March 2019

SGX or Singapore Exchange as some may call it  took  a heavy beating over the past week down 10% since the high of $8.05.

News came out that the Hong Kong stock exchange would start trading derivatives contracts based on Chinese-listed shares pose a new competitive threat to SGX.

Since then SGX gave up 2 months worth of gains in just 5 trading days!

Now is the selling over? Is the selling overdone? Is a rebound in sight? Here are a few things we’re looking out for

  1. For support to hold at$7.20 if not the next level at $7.10 area.
  2. For the volume to start decreasing might mean that selling is slowing down.
  3. For the candlestick to be smaller and not such a long range.
  4. For SGX to regain its hold on the 200ma and even the uptrend line which it has broken down from

Keeping a close eye on SGX for the next few days.

Is SGX on your watchlist?

What’s your trade plan for SGX like?

It is important to have a sound and actionable trade plan in order to be discipline in your trades.

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