Sembcorp Marine – [ Two Downside Target Hit In A Day, Next Target? ]

18th June, 2018, 5:10 PM

Sembcorp Marine – [ Two Downside Target Hit In A Day, Next Target? ]Sembcorp Marine 18th June 2018

Chart Source: Poemsveiw 18th June 2018

Sembcorp Marine following oil’s dismal performance on friday took a tumble and fell 5% during Monday’s trade.

In fact Sembcorp Marine has been down over 6% from the time we sent out our trade analysis to our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS.

The moment Sembcorp Marine broke its horizontal support of $2.06 we sent out the alert and although Sembcorp Marine did try to put up a fight, it couldn’t hold up given the market sentiment and the decrease in oil price.

It couldn’t break above the high of $2.10 which signaled trouble.

Sembcorp Marine has hit both our downside targets of $2.01 and $1.97 and JUST ONE CENT short of our next target of $1.91.

We’re awaiting for that target to hit, fingers crossed. If $1.91 doesn’t hold then we might even see $1.82 eventually.

Shorting has been the focus so far as market continues to fall sharply.

If you do not know how to short then you could be severely handicapped in this market.

On top of that it is important to have someone journey alongside with you to remind of the constant changing market condition in order to skillfully manoeuvre through it.

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