Noble Group – Moved Up Today

Noble Group – Moved Up Today noble

Noble Group had a nice upside swing today just after we posted last night .  It moved to a high of 0.197 closing in to our target of 20 cents region. So what do we do now?

As we can see from the chart there was an increased in volume today so we’re hoping for it to move further in the coming days. As some have asked how we manage our trades. Each stock will have a slight difference in how we manage our trade . As for Noble Group, we would usually take some profit if the stock has ran quite a bit in the day or shift up our trailing stop loss in order to protect our profits.

Do remember to find your own comfort level in trading as everyone has a different style and tolerance level.  The weekend is drawing near and traders usually take some profit off the table on fridays so do be a little cautious and stay alert.




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