Mapletree Log – [ Inclusion In MSCI Singapore Index Sparks Joy! ]

29th May, 2020, 2:35 PM

Mapletree Log – [ Inclusion In MSCI Singapore Index Sparks Joy! ] Mapletree Log Trust 29th May 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 29th May 2020

Mapletree Log Trust will be included in the MSCI Singapore Index at the end of today ( 29th May ) and this could probably explain the upwards move it was experiencing the last few days. SATS, Comfortdelgro, SPH and Sembcorp Industries will be removed from the MSCI Singapore Index.

We can see that Mapletree Log was consolidating for a few weeks. It finally broke out on 26th May which was also the day we ALERTED our Clients of the breakout. Mapletree Log continued trading up hitting our first target of 1.92 and just a cent shy of our second target 1.98.

Some might be asking, can we chase now? As Mapletree Log has moved up for a couple of day, we prefer some pullback first and maybe aiming for $2.03.

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