HPH Trust – [ Riding The Wave Up, Where’s The Next Resistance? ]

18th November, 2020, 1:47 PM

HPH Trust – [ Riding The Wave Up, Where’s The Next Resistance? ]HPH Trust 18th Nov 2020

Chart Source: Poemsview 18th Nov 2020

HPH Trust up 12% so far, saw a gap up this morning and never looked back ever since! It would honestly be mentally tougher to try to get in there when there was better opportunity the week before.

From our post just last week, we saw HPH Trust trading at $0.154 breaking its horizontal resistance with an increased in volume and that was what caught our attention. We can see that the 5ema supported the stock and volume was very low during each profit taking which presented another good chance for entry.

From a technical point of view, HPH trust has hit two of our targets, $0.160 and $0.167 and $0.172 is the previous high resistance. Breaking that might see it test the 0.177 resistance which you’ll need to zoom out of the charts to see. HPH Trust had some coverager over here. And as mentioned from our previous post, with biden winning the US election , a less aggressive foreign policy could see some relief in the shipping sector.

We hope you managed to learn something from our sharing! Have a good trading day ahead!





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