How To Survive In A Bear Market -[ Shorting Using CFD]

12th September, 2018, 7:45 PM

How To Survive In A Bear Market -[ Shorting Using CFD]Bear Market

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Asia markets have been coming down and China market is deep in bear market as reported by CNBC.

As market has been dropping and one of the best way to survive it is to be SHORTING rather than trying to bottom pick.  We’ll be conducting a workshop on CFD. How to use it for leverage, how to use it for short selling.

If you been noticing, our recent posting has been more on the short side. Post like Japfa, Capitaland, Valuetronics, Yanlordhave all been performing well on the downside. If you were trying to catch the falling knife, you’ll probably be hurt quite bad.

Therefore, it is important and crucial to know how to SHORT in order to survive such a market.

Gain an advantage with the ability to long or short and come learn why CFD is an important tool to utilize in today’s market.

Come 19th Sept (Wednesday) we’ll be conducting a CFD seminar to share and coach on our Poems CFD the good and common pitfalls of traders using CFD.

Some interesting topics covered would be

  1. What will happen to the CFD position should you have an open long or short position that gets suspended.
  2. How will different Corporate Actions affect your Long and Short Positions that you are holding.

Also, we’ll share as a bonus how you can join simply our community where long and short Trading Analysis are shared regularly.

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