Hi-P – [ Rebound Not Sustained ]

8th June, 2018, 3:12 PM

Hi-P – [ Rebound Not Sustained ]

Chart Source : Poemsview 8th June 2018

Hi-P was a stock which we were watching for a rebound and was hoping for a healthy rebound to at least $1.50 from our previous post.

That didn’t happen as hi-p rebound to $1.47 and started to fall back down.

As usual, we also inform our clients when the stock comes down and hit our stop loss. This further enforces the need for a stop loss and we are there to constantly remind them.

Nothing to hide as we want to be transparent and responsible to our clients. If anyone can be 100% right do let us know??

Do you want a team of remisiers to guide you through the good and the tough times like now?

Do you want a team of remisiers to not only celebrate your wins but ensure your stops are also followed?

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