City Dev, Capitaland updates

31st July, 2016, 11:26 AM

City dev did have a pull back ever since we mentioned it on 26 july it broke its horizontal support and 8.76 and closed at 8.51 a good 25 cents profit if you had shorted. Over here at the humble stock we advocate taking profit along the way and not try to aim for the highest and lowest and take profit. Taking profit along the way helps in your mental strength or phycology too. In case anything goes wrong at least u got some profit. So we would take some profit at this level as its at its horizontal support of 8.51 if that breaks hopefully we’ll see 8.35

Capitaland July 2016
Capitaland July 2016

Capitaland, also had some movement up to 3.21 since we blogged on 20 july tried to break out of its resistancce of 3.20 but failed and closed below its resistance. We’re now watching to see if the 3.16 support holds if not it might come down to the 200ma. Or will it attempt to break if resistance again.





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