Chip Eng Seng – [ Another One To Hit Our Target ]

19th February, 2018, 10:53 PM

Chip Eng Seng – [ Another One To Hit Our Target ] 

Chip Eng Seng 19th Feb 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 19th Feb 2018

Chip Eng Seng came roaring up today hitting our first target of 0.98.Ever since it broke the horizontal resistance of 0.935 as drawn there was no turning back.

It was on our TOP5 shopping list which we sent to our exclusive clients that has hit our target. Third in a row. =) Well, actually we have another stock that has hit our target but will share later on.

Chip Eng Seng it currently being resisted at the 20 days moving average. An increased in volume today is healthy and we might see it break that resistance.

Our next possible target might be 1.04. Our support would be 0.88

Its been a week since we sent out of TOP5 shopping list to our exclusive clients and we’re in the midst of consolidating another 5 more.

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