Yzj ShipBldg – [ Turned Up Close to 10% Since Entry! ]

22nd April, 2018, 9:35 PM

Yzj ShipBldg – [ Turned Up Close to 10% Since Entry! ]YZJ Shipbldg 22nd April 2018

Chart Source : PoemsView 22nd April 2018

Yzj Shipbldg was a stock that we mentioned just under two weeks ago has indeed turned up close to 10%! 

It has hit our second target of  $1.26 target and some profit taking came in as suspected.

We’re now awaiting for 1.26 to clear before reaching our third target of 1.30. Some downside support could be 1.21 or 1.15 area.

As you can see market had a strong rebound for the past week and many of the stocks we spotted have seen a good upside.

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Yzj ShipBldg – [ Turning The Corner? ]

9th April, 2018, 8:04 PM

Yzj ShipBldg – [ Turning The Corner? ]Yzj Shipbldg 9th April 2018

Chart Source: Poemsview 9th April 2018

Yzj Shipbldg one of singapore’s hottest stock had recently been sold down but could a rebound be on the cards?

A nice base has been formed around the $1.13 region and it has broken above its short term downtrend line today too. What would be ideal is that if today’s volume supersedes the previous few days.

But of course as our exclusive clients were informed earlier on at the $1.15 region their margin of safety is there and their risk reward ratio is good too.

Now that Yzj Shipbldg has moved up our potential target remains at $1.21 then $1.26. Our support would be around $1.13. We will continue to monitor the volatility of the market taking profits fast and adhering to a strict stop loss. These are key to survive such volatility.

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