Apple (APPL) – Breakout Again?

25th January, 2021, 8:00 AM

Apple (APPL) – Breakout Again?

Apple 25th Jan 2021

Chart Source: Tradingview 25th Jan 2021

Apple (APPL) which we mentioned back in Dec was trading at around $120. We mentioned that we’re looking for a break of that downtrend line of around $120 and with the volume supported apple moved up in the next few days. It went up to our $129 target and surged beyond that. Now that’s history and lets look forward to our next trade plan for Apple.

Apple has broke out of its horizontal reaching its all time high and closed above this break out. Taking the breakout is one trade plan as price could continue  to move up. Another trade plan could be waiting for a test of this breakout point of around $139. If unsure a trader could go in half their size and wait for a pullback. Remember your intentions too, are you trading or investing?

In the long term, we’re bullish on the prospect of apple.




Apple- Still Apple of Investors’ Eyes ?

24th July, 2016, 1:50 PM
Apple July 2016
Apple July 2016

Since July 2015,  Apple has been on a well define downtrend channel , touching the downtrend line upper channel resistance for the next 3 times,  but came down each time it rally to the downtrend line upper channel resistance ( in mid April 2016, it attempted to break above the downtrend line upper channel resistance but fail to stay above it and came down again ). If Apple continues to rise, the downtrend line upper channel may be where its next rally target level is and act as a resistance again around the price region of $102.59.

If it reach the downtrend line upper channel resistance and start to weaken again , it may signal price action weakness in the stock , and a short position may be initiated with a stop loss above $104 . It’s upcoming results will out on 26 July.

Will the stock continue to be the apple of investors’ eyes or start to show weakness soon ? Lets stay tune .

Yours Humbly.