Artivision Tech – Turned up 25% in just a day

8th February, 2017, 7:35 PM



Artivision Tech had a wonderful run this afternoon. The resistance was at 0.024-0.025 while we were blogging about it in the morning. Why did we use that instead of the 200 days simple moving average? Drop us an email and we’ll be glad to explain.

Artivision Tech rushed up 25% in just a day from where we spotted it this morning up to a day high of 0.032  but of course we would like to caution our readers not to hope for such returns everyday..Slow and steady wins the race. =) Market has many micro pennies running so don’t jump in without a proper plan if not one might end up getting hurt instead.

So what now for artivision? Huge volume is in this stock now and if Artivision Tech manages to stay above 0.03 we might see 0.036 ( the horizontal resistance ) in the coming days . The catalyst could be the upcoming EGM on friday

So if you didn’t manage to enter and are asking how now? Where would be a good point to enter? Drop us a mail. We’ll explain it to you.



Kelwin& Roy

Artivision Tech – A Turn Around?

8th February, 2017, 10:25 AM


Artivision tech a micro penny stock listed on the catalyst has been gaining a lot of interest recently. The volume has been increasing the last few days and they would be holding an EGM this coming friday which could see some interest coming in too.

Mr Ching Chiat Kwong the boss of oxley increased his stake in the company through a placement of shares. With that many are wondering if he could turn the company around and inject new life into the business.

Will Artivision come to life and start a turn around? We’re looking at it and used the 200 exponential moving average and you can see that it’s acting as the resistance currently.

If Artivision manages to break above 0.025 we might see a further upside to about 0.0.29-0.03. This is a micro penny so do take note of it’s risk too ya. A stop loss for us would be around 0.017  If we believe in the turnaround then we might consider holding this stock and not trade it yet.




Noble – Rising Volume

5th February, 2017, 10:28 PM


Noble group a well traded stock in the singapore market saw a bit of interest on friday

We’re keeping a close eye on noble group as there was an increased in volume on friday as it tried to rally to the uptrend line. As you can see from the chart, it’s trying to break above the uptrend line but closed just nice at it . It is also at the horizontal resistance of 0.175. Furthermore it is also testing the downtrend line so a break above and staying above 0.175 might see some upside to 0.183 and to 0.186 if possible.

Our entry might be 0.176 and stop loss at 0.168. Risk reward is good we feel. Noble might be reporting their results around 22nd-24th feb. So do take note of that.




Hong Leong Asia – interesting setup

2nd February, 2017, 11:09 PM

Hong Leong Asia – interesting setup

Hong Leong Asia 2 feb 2017

Hong Leong Asia which is the trade & Industry arm of Singapore conglomerate Hong Leong Group,  has a good move in  January last month,  having moved from around 0.7 to 0.99 before pulling back and consolidate around the 0.87 support region.

It has bounced off the 0.87 support region the past 3 days with increasing volume so it will be interesting to watch if the upward momentum can continue and we will be keeping an eye on it . There are 2 possible ways we may look for entry on it :

  1. Wait for pullback to the 0.87-0.9 support region again before considering an entry ( buying at support) , stop loss for such case will be around 0.865
  2. Or it could break above 0.99 the recent high and we might consider an entry at 0.995. ( Buying at breakout)

If it manage to break above the 0.99 recent high , the next upside resistance may be around 1.04





1st February, 2017, 11:10 PM


Recently many singapore property stocks have been running up and rumors have been that the recent cooling measures might be tweaked or eased. We won’t speculate on that but would look at the chart and decide on our next course of action.

Yanlord hasn’t moved much and is currently being resisted by the downtrend line. We’ll be watching to see if that downtrend can be broken and the horizontal resistance of 1.41 to be broken too. Keep a look out.




China Aviation – On radar once again

1st February, 2017, 10:46 PM


A Happy chinese new year to all our readers. We hope your new year was a good time spent with family and friends and of course getting some rest.

We hope the first few days of the chinese new year was also a profitable one for you. We’re now looking at china aviation which we have been posting over here.

It has risen to its resistance of 1.56 with an increased in volume today. We might be expecting a breakout soon and would be keeping an eye out for it. Two possible play on this.

  1. It could pull back to our uptrend line and over there we might consider an entry. (buying at support )
  2. Or it could breakout at 1.56 and we might consider an entry at 1.565. With a stop loss of 1.515.

We’re looking at 1.58 and if that breaks above 1.63 could be next

Do take note that China aviation will be reporting their results around 22-24th feb.